Equipments Used in Digital Photography

Posted by Erika Widayanti Lestari

So you want to take up digital photography? While most of the specialized equipments used in this field are pricey, you can take it up on a budget.

Below is a list of the pieces of equipment used in digital photography along with some recommendations whether or not amateur photographers really need them.

1. Digital camera

- anyone who wants to take digital photographs needs this of course. While there are higher end models out there with dozens of pixels available, you should first find out your needs before buying one.

Do you plan to take only pictures of your friends during parties? Maybe a point and shoot model would fit you better. If your needs are much simpler, you can opt to just buy a camera phone with a decent resolution.

2. Memory

- this is another consideration when buying digital cameras. If you’re a professional photographer, you will need tons of memory so you should buy those with large capacities.

3. Tripod

- need to keep that image stable? A good camera with an image stabilizer can do that for you.

If however, you have more specific needs, you may opt to buy a tripod for your camera. It keeps your camera stable far better than your hands can, resulting in clearer images.

4. Lighting

- if you work in a studio and need more controlled lighting, then you’ll need specialized lighting equipment. But if you’re just a point and shoot photographer, you can survive with your camera’s built-in flash.